An overview on the Clash of Clans Troops

Clash of Clans is an online strategy game which one can play in both single multiplayer modes. As the players need to strategies well before they start with the game, a player will be given a certain player out and they will have to operate every weapons and troop along with the layout in Clash of Clans

Troops using Clash of Clans

Barbarian: Barbarians are the first troop which you will be unlocking when you start the game. Barbarians have a high amount of hit points. It is quite a good shield. Barbarians can be trained very easily and quickly at an affordable price and hence they are used frequently. When you will be using the barbarians in the troops make sure that your barbarians are away from the towers and the motors as it can easily kill them.

Archer: Archers are the trendy troops who can attract its opponent from a long distance by shooting over the walls. Even in solo, they are very much effective and capable of destroying a huge amount of enemies. In the updated stages the archers are used with balloons and dragons. At a low level, archers come with the giants and the barbarians. They are only capable of shooting from the distance of near about 3.5 tiles.

Goblin: Goblins are considered to be the fastest troop in Clash of Clans and a great troop who can easily defeat its opponent. They are used for farming the resources. During any war, the goblins will be accompanied by the wall breakers. Players who are in low level can use the goblins as they are great for farming the trophies.

Giant: Giants are great for killing strong opponents. Giants belong from the tank class unit and they have a high amount of hitting point. They can act as a very great shield and can easily draw the fire away which is coming from the wall breakers or archers but the giant has a low DPS.

Wall Breaker: Wall Breaker is used for breaking the walls and they can easily damage all the walls with their single splash. This Wall Breaker is deployed after the Giants or after the troops with high hitting point.

These few troops are widely used in Clash of Clans. You will have to spend more money these troops for unleashing the new features or use a clash of clans hack from Every character has its own features and one should also know all the negative aspect it comes with.

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