Fan of Free Fire Battleground Here’s what you need to know to finish your opponents

The Free Fire Battlegrounds is among the best, online video games available to us. Developed by 111dots, a Vietnamese company and published by Garena, this game has caught a lot of attention. With its increasing fan base from day to day, this video game has been ringing the right bells on its way to the top listed games. Before we go ahead, let us give a small introduction to the game.

Free Fire Battlegrounds

The Free Fire Battlegrounds is a third party or third person shooting game based completely on the players survival rates. It has a very simple aspect, whoever survives the game to the last is declared the winner. Meaning, one will have to survive to the end and be the sole survivor in order to wear the winner’s crown. You can choose to play the game alone, or you could choose to play the game with your friends by inviting them over via a social media platform or social media handle. This way, you are connected to the game and so are your friends. You can then send game requests or plainly ask them to come online and play the game along with you. The games have a minimap, an arena or a battlefield, gears to collect and weapons to obtain during the game. Today, we shall give you the Garena Free Fire Hack. They are the best weapons to acquire in order to finish off your opponents with ease.

The game is about surviving until the end, therefore on a battlefield to survive you will need to be smart. However, if you wish to be the sole survivor then you will have to kill the opponent’s players. Listed below are five best and strongest weapons to play the Free Fire Battlegrounds:


The VSS rifle has a muzzle and a magazine with the best range of fire available. It is a semi sniper rifle and you can use it to attack your opponents from far off places. The best part about this weapon is it does not make any sound, so when you shoot, no one can hear you firing. Also, the weapon cannot be detected on the map.


This weapon is a powerpacked rifle that comes with a sleek muzzle. You can knock your opponents down in a single shot or two and will not need any more than that. However, the downside of the weapon is the range of the bullets. The weapon has a narrow range of the bullets, therefore it increases the chances of a miss.


This weapon comes with AR bullets and is among the best of all the weapons available in the video game. It ranks good in power, range, accuracy, and rate of fire, one of the best weapons to acquire.


The M14 to is a semi sniper rifle like the VSS. It comes with a muzzle, foregrip, magazine and a scope, making it the best semi sniper rifle. The power and accuracy of fire are mindblowing.


This weapon can be obtained from the gifts that come down from the sky along with other items. Groza is an excellent weapon and has a lot of power in it. It is useful for both, long and short distance range firing.

By now, you know the best weapons you need to win the battle. Gear up and collect these weapons in order to finish off your opponents and emerge as the sole survivor.