Rules for proper gaming in 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is an alternate version of billiards which you can play virtually with the help of Android or iOS devices. This game is a mixture of sensors that make the game more engaging to the users and keep them hooked up to it for a long time. It is a billiard which you can keep in your pocket and play it anytime. It will take you some time to adapt yourself to the movement of this game because it is motioncentric and you will have to go through certain tutorials to learn about the rules of this game. So there are two things that you need to get yourself acquainted with when you are beginning to play this game at the beginner’s level.

Two things that make up this game

Calling pocket: In this game, you will have to pocket the ball and if you want to put it in the desired pocket then you will have to type on that one. When you will be playing on the midrank or certain tables then you will be allowed with the liberty of selecting particular pocket. When you will advance in the higher level then you need to call the pocket every time when you are hitting the ball. If you are not aware of the time taken by your opponent to make the shot then it can happen that you are missing your shot. So make sure that you are switching the vibration mode on so whenever your opponent’s chance is getting over you are being notified.

Foul: Making foul while playing a game can be very negative because it will make you lose some points and decrease your efficiency. So in this game, there are chances of making three types of the foul. If you are taking too much time on making a particular shot then it will gobble up your time for another shot that will ultimately lead to a foul, if this happens you will need some help with getting 8 ball pool coins. So shooting quickly is very important. While trying to pocket the ball if you hit it with the white ball but it fails to meet with them or get in contact with them then it will be termed as a foul. So if you are very careful while playing the game then you can easily avoid them.

These are the two things that you should keep in mind while playing the game. In the beginning, you will have to learn all the basic rules by playing with the directions and the aiming mode on. You can also practice it in the offline mode.

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